Inspection FAQ

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A professional home inspector has the objectivity and emotional detachment that is necessary to make clear judgments in a house inspection. An inspector has visited hundreds or thousands of homes and the systems and components that function properly in a sound house.

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No, an inspector describes a house’s physical condition in high detail, to signal what might need to be replaced or fixed. The inspection is not an appraisal or code compliance verification.
It’s not required, but it’s a very good idea to be there. You can follow and observe the inspector during the job and have a much better understanding of the property when operation and maintenance is explained to you, first-hand and objectively.

Finding problems gives you the advantage of knowing what to expect because we go to great lengths to educate the buyer.  In case there are major problems, being aware of the real state of the building is critical if you’re concerned about future expenses.

A house inspection doesn’t make guarantees that something won’t happen after you buy, but if you think a problem was there during the inspection and it should have been included in the report, then trying to clarify the matter with the inspector might help. Misconceptions are often sorted out in this manner. Make sure you call us to reinspect before any repairs are made.

The house inspection will give you the peace of mind about the true condition of your property. You will know more about its workings and you’ll feel assured that you made a well-informed decision. In short, you can enjoy your new home, without worrying about its condition.

Since there is no licensing requirement in our area, make sure to determine the professional qualifications, experience, and business ethics of the inspector before you make your selection. Do this by checking with the BBB and membership in ASHI. This will help to make sure the inspector stays up to date on practices with training.